FBI examines two cameras that malfunctioned outside Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell

Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell

Two broken cameras installed outside the prison cell where accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein killed himself have been sent for examination to FBI’s crime lab, as per sources. The chief medical examiner had concluded that the cause of Epstein’s death was suicide by hanging. The determination of Epstein’s official cause of death came in … Read more

Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women’s panties from the Palm beach jail?

Jeffrey Epstein

After the sex assaulter’s death, Palm beach Jail reported that on one occasion Jeffrey Epstein bought two pairs of women’s small-sized panties. The panties were so small that it won’t fit an average-sized adult woman. Well within a jail you are allowed to make a limited number of purchases. In fact, it was one of … Read more