The sleep of at least 6 hours at night Reduces the risk of early death

lack of sleep at night

You must sleep for at least 6 hours at night. It will keep you away from various health hazards and early death. According to research, people who sleep less than 6 hours at night are more prone to heart diseases, hypertension, etc. Not only this, but it would also be the reason for the higher … Read more

Dash Diet Lowers Hypertension and Risk of Heart Failures

Dash Diet - lower- hypertension - blood pressure

Can you believe your diet can control the risk of heart failures and reduces the high blood pressure level?  Yes, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine comes to some surprising conclusions after the study of 4,500 people in 13 years. The individuals under 75 who adhere to the Dash diet have a significantly lower risk … Read more