Will Face Mask Protect You from Getting Infected by Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Face Mask

The new Coronavirus that emerged in China is unstoppable. It has reported nearly 6100 cases and over 160 deaths. Now people have started wearing masking in the United States. But do you think it will protect you from deadly Coronavirus? The CDC has confirmed that right now there is very little danger to the American … Read more

What is Coronavirus? Everything You Need To Know

What is Coronavirus

Coronavirus has infected more than 4500 people in China. Out of this, nearly 107 people died due to this virus. Till now, the illness has already spread in more than 15 countries around the world.  The United States is not out of this race. As people who had recently traveled to China are coming back … Read more

Huawei launches own operating system Harmony OS

Huawei launches Harmony OS

On Friday Huawei announced the launch of its operating system. The company fears that it might soon lose access to Android systems due to increasing China-US trade tensions. The company is established thirty-two years ago in Guangdong, China. By 2011, its products and services have spread in 170 countries. After Samsung, the company is the … Read more

A bold move by China:  Release of its own Cryptocurrency

Chinese Cryptocurrency

People’s Bank of China, China’s Central Bank is very close to release its own Cryptocurrency. Mu Changchun, Deputy Director PBOC said the Institution is working on the currency since last five years. Now Virtual currency is almost ready to release. PBOC would launch its cryptocurrency through a two-tier system. Under the system, PBOC and other … Read more