Will Face Mask Protect You from Getting Infected by Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Face Mask

The new Coronavirus that emerged in China is unstoppable. It has reported nearly 6100 cases and over 160 deaths. Now people have started wearing masking in the United States. But do you think it will protect you from deadly Coronavirus? The CDC has confirmed that right now there is very little danger to the American … Read more

THC Vaping Products includes Death Causing Ingredients, Sources Revealed

THC Vaping Products includes Death Causing Ingredients

THC products are causing the death of People. According to an analysis of a subset of patients, 84% of people who died used THC Products. Moreover, it has actually sickened more than 16,000 people across the country. The center for disease control and prevention find out this data.  But what substances the people who died … Read more

These Cannabis Vape Cartridges causes Deadly Lung Cancer- Sources Revealed

causes Deadly Lung Cancer

Cannabis Vape Cartridges sold with the label “Dank” is predominantly causing deadly lung cancer.  The name “Dank” is used for the highly potent cannabis widely known vaping cartridge in the marijuana economy. The ongoing federal investigation revealed the mysterious deadly lung illness caused due to the inhalation of this brand. An image was released by … Read more