SypherPK, Nickmercs, CouRage Want Halo Infinite to Have a Battle Royale Game Mode

SypherPK, Nickmercs, CouRage Want Halo Infinite to Have a Battle Royale Game Mode

It won’t be an overstatement that Halo has played a huge role in popularizing Xbox consoles. Despite severe competition from a plethora of PlayStation exclusives, the American military sci-fi franchise has gained a massive fan base over the years. The latest addition to the series, Halo Infinite, is already one of the most anticipated games of 2021. The indefinite delay announced by the developers has further aggravated the surrounding hype.

It comes as no surprise that Jack “CouRage” Dunlop is a huge fan of Halo. He has played the game since 2005 and has even called it his favorite game series of all time. Naturally, the streamer has sky-scraping expectations from Halo Infinite.

In a recent tweet, CouRage talked about how a well-developed battle royale game mode can save Halo Infinite from being a total failure:

CouRage explains the need for a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite

Following CouRage’s comments, many big names like SypherPK and Nickmercs extended their support towards the streamer.

SypherPK compared Halo with Call of Duty and mentioned how the latter has adapted to the gaming scene with Call of Duty Warzone

. The Fortnite veteran believes that an enjoyable battle royale mode will certainly be a pleasant addition to Halo because it already has a successful traditional multiplayer mode.

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FaZe Clan’s Nickmercs also agreed with CouRage:

Halo has made a name for itself through a multiplayer mode that offers brilliant maps, supports diverse playstyles, and has a wide range of weapons. Even Elon Musk had earlier picked Halo as his favorite console game.

Interestingly, many seasoned players still want the franchise to emphasize on its multiplayer mode with Halo Infinite. They think that a BR mode could be an unnecessary addition to the game.

It seems like professional Esports commentator Goldenboy belongs to this faction:

While replying to Goldenboy, CouRage clarified that he never said Halo Infinite should not have a good multiplayer mode. As a long-time fan of the series, an exceptionally crafted multiplayer mode is the least that CouRage expects from the game.

The streamer wants Halo Infinite to have a BR mode only because it will attract a larger audience:

Fortnite, Apex Legends, CoD: Warzone, and PUBG are enough to prove the immense popularity of Battle Royale games. Considering that a lot of new gamers are unaware of Halo and its previous success, a BR mode can definitely incentivize them to finally try out the Xbox exclusive.

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