Surprise Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remaster Reportedly in the Works

EA’s Need for Speed franchise has always been the front runner in racing games. It has always been the first choice for most gamers, across PC and consoles. The franchise has had some successful title releases such as Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit. They released their latest game titled NFS Heat last year. However, it didn’t do too well on the charts.

People can easily call 2020 the most exciting year for gaming. With the launch of next-gen consoles, many developers jumped the wagon to release and develop games exclusive to the new consoles. Among all the games that various developers have announced, there are hardly any racing games. Therefore, it appears that seeing an open window, EA wants to take a shot with Need for Speed.

For a while, people had assumed that the new game would be a remaster of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit that was released in 2010. The most obvious hint was a listing of the game on Amazon UK

. And now, NFS has released a thread of tweets along with other hints to give a stronger standing to this assumption.

Need for Speed planning to make a huge announcement on 5-10

A thread of tweets published by the official handle of Need for Speed had cryptic letters and numbers at the end. When put together, these form an address to an EA website which has a countdown running for October 5th.

The countdown is accompanied by a quotation saying, “5:10. How did he go so fast? Five ten. Call Big Joe’s Pizzeria on 0800-510-510-510.” There’s got to be a way to fix this.” Additionally, there is also a button that says “Reignite the Pursuit.”

The button redirects to NFS’ YouTube channel, which is set to premiere a video at 8 AM PT.

Additionally, 5-10 is California Police Code for ‘speeding or racing vehicles’. With all these hints towards cops and racer dynamics, NFS couldn’t be more obvious. One just needs to follow the countdown and wait for the official announcement.