SUEZ Donates $1.75 Million to North America to Fight Covid-19

SUEZ Donates $1.75 Million to North America to Fight Covid-19

The saying “We are all in this together” has become a common theme during the Covid-19 pandemic. Government agencies have been working with businesses and citizens of their countries to help to fight the virus as well as to help those who are in a dire financial situation.

This attitude of pulling together has been seen in many areas of society, including in the business world where some of the richest people on the planet have committed large sums of money to assist in the fight. This includes Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

Businesses have not been exempt from the generosity either, as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have all found ways to help assist during the pandemic. Now, one company is making a sizable contribution, as SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions has pledged $1.75 million to assist in the fight against Covid-19.  This money is earmarked for health care facilities, food pantries, the United Way, and other organizations that are providing emergency relief during this difficult time.

Needing to Do Their Part

In a statement provided by Nadine Leslie, Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ North America, she explained, “We are redirecting our philanthropic focus during this crisis from major environmental initiatives to helping those charitable organizations serving on the front lines who require immediate, substantial, and sustained assistance.”

Company executives recognized that there is a dramatic need for assistance, as the virus has had a crippling effect on the lives of so many. “This virus has had a huge impact on our society and we cannot be idle as an organization when so many people, many of whom have dedicated their lives to helping others, now need our help,” added Leslie.

A Focused Donation for Assistance

The $1.75 million will be disbursed among several different organizations throughout North America. The donations are intended to aid organizations that can provide immediate relief for those who are struggling.

According to a release by the company, SUEZ will give $650,000 to the United Way. Most of this amount will be used to support Covid-19 relief and recovery efforts, especially in helping to prevent those who are endangered of becoming homeless.

Feeding the hungry is another key area where the funds will be used, as Feeding America® will receive $500,000 to help with hunger relief efforts in the United States. This money will go as emergency support for several food banks and to help ensure that there is no disruption with food supply chains.

In healthcare efforts, $600,000 is being given to public health organizations to help assist in the fight against the virus. This not only includes donating surgical and N95 respirator masks but will also include providing testing and treatment assistance for patients.

“We feel it is necessary to do our part to help people in the many communities in which we live and work,” explained Yuvbir Singh, CEO for SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. “We certainly recognize the many brave people who are tirelessly and selflessly performing heroic measures each day to fight this pandemic, and we hope that our actions can provide some relief during this unprecedented crisis.”

The Contributions Are Adding Up

SUEZ joins a growing number of companies that have helped to put together a rather sizable war chest to help fight against the virus. Some of the largest companies on the planet have joined the fight, as Google has contributed more than $800 million, NBC Universal more than $150 million, Netflix and Warner Media over $100 million each, and Cisco more than $225 million.

The more that companies of all sizes add, the greater the chance of controlling the pandemic, thus restoring the planet to some form of normalcy.

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