Stormy Daniels receives $450,000 as a settlement over false arrest at the strip club

Porn star Stormy Daniels receives $450,000 for settling her lawsuit against Ohio’s Columbus city associated with her arrest during an ongoing performance in a strip club previous year.

This settlement comes in after Columbus police charged Daniels for misdemeanor sex offense of touching three patrons illegally at the Sirens Gentleman’s Club. However, the charges against Daniels was withdrawn hours later, said the police.

The no-touching law in the state didn’t apply for Daniel as she wasn’t a regular performer at that strip club. As per the law, any employee who appears semi-nude/nude regularly at a sexually-inclined business isn’t allowed to touch patrons. However, the law permits such employees to touch the family members.

Daniels filed a lawsuit against several vice officers of the Columbus police department, claiming a violation of civil rights. The suit alleged that Daniels was targeted by undercover vice officers who arrested her to protect President Donald Trump. She initially sought the sum of $2mn in damages.

Daniels has previously explained about her sexual encounter with Trump before the 2016 presidential election. She accused that the vice officers entered a conspiracy to put her behind bars in retaliation of busting Trump’s affair with her. Months before the arrest, Daniels was paid $130,000 as hush money to stay mum about the scandal.

On Friday, Daniels’ attorney Chase Mallory said that she agreed for $450,000 although she could have received a higher amount. Daniels dropped the suit after the accountable police officials were disciplined by the city for her arrest.

A Columbus city attorney spokesman said that the jury arrived at $450,000 settlement during mediation.

Daniels said that she would utilize the amount for clearing her legal bills as well as to begin a stand-up comedian career.

Neither Stormy Daniels nor her attorney has not disclosed other details about what changes the police would really institute.