Sports section: what is a free bet?

The novelty of free bets are ways of getting the punter involved with the casino in the first place or can alternatively keep them interested in using the same casino. They are seen to be more aimed at the first time users, however there are also offers to be had for existing customers. A free bet is essentially a bet where the bookmaker will cover the stake, which has a set value, for example £10. It is basically a bet where there is no outlay or risk on your part. If the bet loses, you haven’t actually lost anyway, as the stake you are playing with was originally free. If the bet wins, you will receive the total winnings from the bet, including the value figure of the free bet.

Why do casinos and bookmakers make these offers?

One of the reasons these offers become available is to keep interest high in the product or website of the casino. It is always nice, if you are a steady player or continuously depositing, to get something for free. Be it in the form of a flat figure stake, spins on the roulette table or pulls on the slot machines, the gesture is always appreciated. Sometimes, people fall out of love with the game. They lose interest, don’t have enough time to get involved or are just fed up of losing. What better than a free bet to spark interest back? That will entice punters to get involved again, and ultimately, give the bookies more chances to part you with your money. In the hope you will return to spend more money on their sites.

When are promotions and free bets normally offered?

The weekends are a great time to stumble onto free bets as it is the busiest time of the week for most sports, all over the globe. Whatever your fancy, be it football or horse racing there is normally some free bet or bonus to be had. Big games, such as Man Utd vs Liverpool in the English soccer premier league, may have special offers involved to ramp up the interest in the game to even higher levels. For example, some bookmakers may have an offer stating that if you bet a set figure(for example, up to £25) pre game, then you will receive the same figure as a free bet to use as a wager in play during the same game. You are then free to oppose your other bet, or indeed choose some other avenue to bet on. There are certainly plenty of options these days with seemingly endless amounts of markets to pick from.  Competitions like golf, tennis and horse racing are firmly established in the betting industry. Huge events such as the Superbowl, the Masters, Wimbledon, or the Grand National will always have online bookmakers hovering around to try and boost their profits. It is possible to receive a free bet each week if a set figure of bets is reached. Newer games that can be played online, include the National Lottery. In some countries, if you bet £1 on the Lottery draw, you are entitled to a free £1 bet. However, this is usually limited to one use per day. These days, you can easily check the free bet offers as most online casinos have an up to date promotions page you can look into.

What other types of promotions are available?

Bookmakers are adept at thinking of constant promotions to keep the punters hooked. In horse racing, top 3 place finish races can be extended to 4 places. In some races, if your horse finishes second in the race, the punter will receive their stake back in the form of a free bet. Also, if the trainer withdraws a horse before the start of the race it becomes what is called a non runner, and the stake is returned in full. Golf, for example, will often now offer extended each way places. This can sometimes vary between up to 5th and 10th place, and keeps interest in a player’s progress other than the leader. A very popular promotion in most high ranking football leagues across Europe has emerged. It revolves around a backing of a team, and if that football team goes 2-0 ahead in their game. Regardless of time passed in the game, or for example, if that team were then to go on to lose, the result would not matter for the bet has been settled already.

Matched Betting

This is a subject that, over the last 15 years, has been the topic of much discussion in the betting world. It has been established as a legal form of betting as gambling companies do not concern themselves with the way free bets are used. It is basically a way of using offers from online bookmakers, including free bets, to make profits for yourself. Instead of anxiously awaiting to see if your pick wins, you have placed separate bets that ensure you will have a positive return no matter what the outcome is. There are debates all over the internet about this, raving about the pros and cons, yet it seems to be here to stay as regards a form of income for some, or certainly a lucrative sideline for others.

The Greatest Freebie Win Ever!

Taking part in a promotion by a horse racing track resulted in Steve Whiteley gaining free entrance to his local track in Exeter along with 6 of his friends. His wager was a £2 accumulator consisting of 6 horses to win throughout the day. With odds ranging from 2/1 to 16/1, the total odds were a staggering 723,000/1. This was a Tote bet, known as the Jackpot. There was a huge crowd of punters at the track, who had a far superior knowledge of horse racing. Whiteley freely admitted this himself, but as usual, luck played it part in some of the races and he wound up being a big winner. Close to £1.45 million was his return for a memorable day at the races. This sealed his place in history, as it by far the biggest ever payout in the lifetime of the Tote bet. It is also the largest accumulator win in UK history. Not bad for a free day out.

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