Sonos is working on its first-ever Bluetooth speaker

Sonos is an American multinational company established in the year 2002. The company produces consumer electronic goods. Headquarters of the company lies in California, United States. The company has set up 12 offices and 3 retail stores worldwide. Sonos declared that soon the electronic market is going to have its first-ever Bluetooth speaker manufactured by the company.

Sonos officials claimed that the Bluetooth speaker is high performing. The Bluetooth speaker is also a part of Sonos’s sound system. The Bluetooth speaker will make wide use of Wi-Fi. At the same time, the speaker will consume less energy. This is the very first time that the company has brought out a Bluetooth speaker.

Features of the first  Bluetooth speaker by Sonos

A USB-C port and an ethernet jack also come with the Bluetooth speaker. Well, the ethernet jack is provided on the company’s earlier manufactured speakers. On Friday morning a picture of the new Bluetooth speaker got published.

The speakers are portable with a roundish shape. The very first time the company has manufactured a speaker which can run even there is no Wi-Fi. Bluetooth pairing can also help run Bluetooth enabled devices.

The speaker is taller and wider than the Sonos One. The speakers receive a charge using the base station. If it is far away from the base station then the speakers can get recharged over USB-C. If you are on a vacation then you don’t need to carry the base.

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For the benefit of the customers, a handle is placed on the back of the speakers. The handle does not serve as an accessory.

The back of the speaker also has a button which resembles both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The speaker is uncontrollable when it is in the Bluetooth mode. Moreover, the audiences are excited about this new device.