Some Apple Watch users are experiencing bricked devices after updating to watchOS 5.1

Many users are disappointed with the lack of the much-anticipated ECG app on watchOS 5.1. To add to this, some are even experiencing a slightly different kind of problem.

A very small number of users on Reddit, Twitter, and Guilherme Rambo have been reporting that their Apple Watch has been bricked after updating to watchOS 5.1. They report that it gets stuck on the Apple logo. Restarting the Apple Watch and paired iPhone does not  seem to fix the issue and some users have been waiting for several hours without any avail.

Currently, there does not seem to be any solution to the problem. It is expected that Apple could pull the update and re-release it at a later date. While this does not effect a large amount of users, it is still an issue that seems to plague every other version of watchOS.

Apple has not yet acknowledged the issue.  We will definitely keep you updated if Apple comes up with a fix for this. For now, users with a bricked Apple Watch may not have any other option rather than to contact Apple Support and request a replacement Watch. If you are experiencing this issue, we suggest you to get in touch with Apple support immediately.