The sleep of at least 6 hours at night Reduces the risk of early death

lack of sleep at night

You must sleep for at least 6 hours at night. It will keep you away from various health hazards and early death. According to research, people who sleep less than 6 hours at night are more prone to heart diseases, hypertension, etc. Not only this, but it would also be the reason for the higher risk of cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and early death.

According to studies, “people with these health conditions and risks should achieve normal sleep.” The studies show the importance of good night sleep. Only eating healthy and exercising doesn’t keep you healthy until you are not getting enough sleep.

According to the American Journal, more than 16,00 people having heart disease and type 2 diabetes died due to lack of sleep. These people are mostly under the age of 20 to 74.

Lack of Sleep is the reason behind the death of diseased patients

Studies found that people who have high blood pressure or diabetes must take at least 6 hours to sleep at night. If these people take the sleep of less than that then they are twice the increased risk of dying due to heart disease.

Similarly, people who have heart disease or stroke increases the risk of dying due to cancer due to lack of sleep. However, if these people sleep for more than 6 hours at night, the risk of early death would be almost negligible. So sleep duration can be considered as a useful factor to predict the long term outcomes, diseased people.

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