Skills Measured in Microsoft AZ-400 Exam. Are Practice Tests Necessary?

Skills Measured in Microsoft AZ-400 Exam. Are Practice Tests Necessary

You can get the Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert credential if you manage to pass AZ-400 exam. This test analyzes your capacity to deliver different tasks related to DevOps strategy and Azure infrastructure. If you want to succeed in your AZ-400 assessment, you should start by understanding which skills you need to develop for earning this certification. To help you with this, we have created this guide that will make you understand which skills are measured in AZ-400 assessment. In it, we will tell you everything about each exam topic and how you can effectively train for your maximum results.

Skills Measured in Microsoft AZ-400 Test

The Microsoft AZ-400 requirements and eligibility conditions were updated in June 2020. Therefore, the topics and skills changed a little bit as they were adapted to the current trends. Candidates for this accreditation are asked to demonstrate that they know how to combine processes with certain technologies to improve business performance. Also, each skill now has a different percentage of the total exam questions. Keep reading the paragraphs below and identify which are the topics that you need to study more:

  • Efficient development of instrumentation strategy – this topic weighs around 5-10% of the total exam questions and tests candidates’ ability to design and implement different monitoring solutions, logging, and telemetry.
  • Development of an efficient strategy in site reliability engineering – it has the same percentage as the topic above and it evaluates your expertise in designing an actionable alert strategy and health check.
  • Creation of an actionable compliance and security plan
    – it weighs a maximum of 10-15% of the total questions in the main test, where you will need to demonstrate your skills in designing an authorization strategy and sensitive information management, as well as develop a comprehensive compliance and security plan.
  • Developing modern source control strategy – this topic also weighs covers 10-15% of the total percentage. You will need to develop advanced skills in a modern source control strategy and configure different repositories.
  • Knowledge of how to communicate and collaborate with your team (10-15%) – through this domain you will learn how to communicate and generate DevOps process documentation.
  • Usage and definition of continuous integration – this domain covers around 20-25% of the total exam questions. Candidates will have to demonstrate that they know how to design an application infrastructure and build a complete automation strategy.
  • Implementation of continuous delivery and management strategy (10-15%) – here you will need to know how to implement different automation solutions and deploy different scripts and templates.

As far as you understand all topics mentioned above require intensive training. So, we recommend exploring different preparation materials if you want to succeed in your AZ-400. For example, you can visit the test official page and enroll in some official vendor’s courses, or you can read the Microsoft recent books and periodicals. They will help you get in-depth knowledge of each of the topics mentioned above and get a clear picture of what it means to become a certified DevOps expert. To add more, practice tests make the difference in your preparation routine as they help you gain more hands-on expertise.


The Microsoft AZ-400 exam will help you become an expert in Azure DevOps solutions. If you want to properly grasp the test concepts and get a good passing score in your assessment, you will need to combine such irreplaceable prep materials as the official training and updated practice tests. All the best in your prep process!

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