Singer Aaron Carter decides to cancel All Tours Of a Year to focus on Mental Health

Aaron Carter has decided to cancel multiple upcoming tours for a year to work on his mental health. The 31-years-old singer tweeted on Monday that he has canceled all upcoming tours to find some mental peace. The singer himself revealed that he has several mental health disorders, including schizophrenia, acute anxiety. This also includes multiple personality disorder and manic depression.

The singer said, ” My health is first and I hope you all will understand how much I need this time.” He added I need this time to recharge and heal myself.

He writes the second tweet for his fans that he will be back next year with full energy. ” I love you, stay healthy and strong. I appreciate all the love and efforts from you all. I have decided to rest my shows after the next two shows. One show is coming up in Kentucky and Missouri and another one in Vancouver.

Health is above all for Aaron. He said in another tweet that no one can change people’s opinion. He just wants to focus on good things and conserve all his energy.

Aaron Carter is a drug addict in recovery

Carter opened up about the official diagnosis and assortment of prescription he is on these days. Prescription confirms that Carter is suffering from schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and manic depression.

For more confirmation, Aaron carter showed his bag of medication Xanax. Showing the medicines, he said now he has nothing to hide.

Further, the singer revealed that his sister died due to an overdose of drugs in 2012. Now he has the huffing addiction and he shuffles because he is a drug addict. He confirmed that he is a drug addict in recovery.