Siesta Key’s Juliette Reveals Where She Stands With Kelsey

A new chapter in Siesta Key calls for a new start.

While Juliette Porter has had her ups and downs with cast member Kelsey Owens, the fashion designer is happy to report that the pair’s relationship is in a much better place today.

“Kelsey and I are really great, better than we have ever been,” Juliette told E! News in an exclusive interview. “Well, we used to be best friends, but we’re in a really good spot now compared to where we once were.”

So what brought these two back together after multiple seasons of distance and fighting? As it turns out, swimwear helped this pair move forward.

“She did walk in my JMP the Label fashion show at Miami Swim Week, which was amazing,” Juliette shared. “It was such an important moment and she looked absolutely stunning in the suit she wore. I think people kind of forgot how talented Kelsey is. That girl can walk. She is a model for sure.”