Selena Gomez describes her ideal type to Jason Derulo

Selena Gomez has described the essential factors she looks for dating during her interview in a UK based radio show on Monday. In the show, Jason Derulo asked Selena for tips to ask people out. Initially taken aback by the question, the actor-singer revealed her ideas about her ideal date.

In the interview, Selena stated about her liking towards group situations. Adding to it she put how she prefers people who are related to her as the acquaintance of someone whom she knows. 

Furthermore, the singer stated about the setbacks in her dating life caused by her stardom. The singer also talked about her wish to experience something genuine unaffected by her fame. Adding to it she said that she gets to know people and their intentions within a few minutes.

What does Selena look for in her ideal date?

Selena talked of the characteristics such as the sense of humor, fun-loving nature, etc. that she seeks for in her date. The singer started her preferences for funny, playful and adventurous men over the arrogant and show-off kind of men. She further stated her interest in cool and down to earth people.

However, the singer made it very clear that she does not want to be approached for her identity. Rather she looks forward to someone genuinely interested in her for who she is.

What did Selena answer to the question posed by the rapper Stormzy?

Apart from Jason, Rapper Stormzy also got to ask Selena in the interview. The rapper wanted Selena to answer how she felt to be the celebrity with the highest number of followers on Instagram.

Answering to Stormzy, Selena gently denied the fact that she is the most followed celeb. Furthermore, she stated that such things don’t bother her. 

Is the “Kill em’ with Kindness” singer currently dating?

Selena Gomez had been linked to Nial Horan following a dinner with the former member of the boy band ‘One Direction.’ However, the speculations seemed to be dismissed with Nial stating himself to be single.

All that matters to Selena is that the year was quite successful and she is satisfied with her hard work and persistence.