Snapped by the Pupparazzi! Sean Borg Spotted Tangled Up in His Dog’s Leashes in West Hollywood

Man’s best friend applies to celebrities too. Stars love spending time with their dogs. It’s fun to see famous faces out and about with their four-legged friends.

And high-profile people are primetime targets for the paparazzi — even when just walking the dog!

Casual Stroll: Sean Borg Spotted in West Hollywood

So what exactly is so attractive about a star out for a stroll with a beloved pooch?

Well, it largely depends on the pictures. Take this set for example, of Sean Borg attempting to walk his two dogs, Eli and Olive.

Tangled Love: Sean Borg Gets Caught Up in His Dogs Leash

It seems the entertainment personality-turned-Trivago brand ambassador got tangled up in his dog’s leashes while out walking near his home in West Hollywood, last week.

The former “TMZ” guy clearly adores his Japanese Chins. And these pictures would put a big smile on dog-lovers faces everywhere.

The Entertainment Personality Demonstrates How Not to Walk the Dogs

Celebrity pets, and celebrity dogs, in particular, are just as quickly targeted by the paparazzi, or should we call them (in this case) the “pup-arazzi”), just kidding!

Celebs pooches have to deal with being in the limelight, as much as their dog mom’s or dads.

And when a celeb is also an animal lover, their pet is often an accessory too. There’s something about that trait that makes the pictures that much more enjoyable to see.

Putting His Head Down: Sean Avoids the Pupparazzi!

Celebrities aren’t so different from ordinary people, especially when it comes to loving their dogs.

So, it’s nice to know that no matter how rich and famous you get, you’ll still have to pick up after your pup when you go for a walk.

And even get tangled up in their love! Adorbs…