Sean Borg Shares Cute Throwback Selfie on Instagram with Real Housewives Star Leilani Dowding

Sean Borg loves a selfie! The former “TMZ on TV” personality sent “The Real Housewives of Cheshire” fans into a frenzy earlier this week when he posted the cutest throwback picture on Instagram with former top-model and “RHOCheshire” newcomer, Leilani Dowding.

In the post, taken fourteen-years ago at the famous Abbey restaurant and bar, Sean congratulates his longtime friend on landing a starring role in the popular reality TV franchise.

The Trivago hotel face wrote: ‘This one can’t get away from fame — it literally chases her,’ presumably referring to Dowding, who gave up her career in front of the camera many times over the years since quitting modeling.

Borg’s throwback delighted Instagram lovers far and wide. The picture received more than 1,800 likes from his 50k followers.

He told the website News Brig: ‘I adore Leilani, I am not surprised she is now a “Real Housewife.

‘We’ve been friends for a very long time. We have both had good times and bad times stateside, but hanging with good friends like Leilani over the years makes it a much more fun place to be,’

 he said.

Recently, TV star Dowding flew back to the UK to start filming the hit ITVbe series. The new season premiered in Britain earlier last week with Leilani as the show’s sexy new addition.

Red Carpet Babe: Leilani Dowding

With television insiders saying: ‘Fans are in for a real treat with Leilani on the show. They will love her…she is set to spice things up this year. Expect sparks to fly with between her and some of the other cast members.’

Rock God with Rock Chick: Leilani Steps Out With Bill Duffy

The Sun Newspaper exclusively revealed that Leilani and her rock-star boyfriend, ‘The Cults’ Billy Duffy had both started filming for the show.

The sexy star agreed to be part of the ITVBe series alongside Duffy who had a home in Cheshire.

She told The Sun‘After 15 years of living in LA, my partner Billy Duffy and I decided to move back to the UK.

Sean Borg
Sean Borg and Leilani Dowding at an LA Fundraiser

‘We’ve decided to make Cheshire our home and we’re so excited to be back. When the opportunity arose to join The Real Housewives of Cheshire, I thought it would be so much fun, I jumped at the chance.’

Rock Legend: Billy Duffy on Tour

Duffy, now based part-time in the UK still has a huge fan-base and tours regularly with his band to sell-out shows. The 58-year-old music god has homes in London and Hollywood, California and uses his Cheshire location as part of the series.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is on ITVBe at 9 pm on Mondays.

Leilani Dowding Arriving for a Hollywood Red Carpet Event