Harvard Study Indicates That Face Blindness Is More Common Than Previously Thought

Schizophrenia Multiple Faces Man

Face blindness, also known as prosopagnosia, is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects an individual’s ability to recognize faces. People with face blindness struggle to differentiate between familiar and unfamiliar faces and often rely on non-facial cues, such as voice, hair, or clothing, to identify people. A study indicates that the condition impacts a greater number … Read more

Researchers Uncover “Completely Unexpected” Findings

Researchers Uncover “Completely Unexpected” Findings

Many of Earth’s volatiles came from beyond Jupiter. Credit: Imperial College London/NASA Imperial College London researchers have discovered the probable distant origin of Earth’s volatile chemicals, some of which form the building blocks of life, through the analysis of meteorites. The researchers found that approximately 50% of the Earth’s supply of the volatile element zinc … Read more

“Obesity Paradox” Debunked in New Research

Obese Man Exercise Heart Attack Illustration

New research published in the European Heart Journal has debunked the “obesity paradox,” which suggested that overweight or obese heart failure patients had a lower risk of hospitalization or death compared to those with normal weight. The study found that using waist-to-height ratio measurements instead of body mass index (BMI) eliminates the perceived survival advantage … Read more

State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence Sheds New Light on the Mysterious First Stars

AI Finds That First Stars Were Clustered Together

By Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe March 24, 2023 Figure 1. A schematic illustration of the first star’s supernovae and observed spectra of extremely metal-poor stars. Ejecta from the supernovae enrich pristine hydrogen and helium gas with heavy elements in the universe (cyan, green, and purple objects surrounded by clouds … Read more

Scientists Zero In on 5 Planets Beyond Our Solar System

Scientists Zero In on 5 Planets Beyond Our Solar System

Image depicts divergent evolutionary pathways of Earth and Venus after formation. Credit: O’Rourke, J.G., Wilson, C.F., Borrelli, M.E. et al. Study Narrows James Webb Space Telescope Targets With the first paper compiling all known information about planets like Venus beyond our solar system, scientists are the closest they’ve ever been to finding an analog of … Read more

Study Shows Road Noise Makes Your Blood Pressure Rise – Literally

City Traffic

A new study published in JACC: Advances confirms that living near busy roads and being exposed to traffic noise is associated with an increased risk of hypertension. While previous studies hinted at this connection, it was unclear whether noise or air pollution was the primary factor. This research demonstrates that road traffic noise itself elevates … Read more

New “Biohybrid” Neural Implant Could Restore Function in Paralyzed Limbs

Biohybrid Device Could Restore Function in Paralyzed Limbs

In a study carried out in rats, researchers from the University of Cambridge used a biohybrid device to improve the connection between the brain and paralyzed limbs. The device combines flexible electronics and human stem cells – the body’s ‘reprogrammable’ master cells – to better integrate with the nerve and drive limb function. Credit: University … Read more

Scientists Reveal New Molecular Associations With Obesity

Belly Fat Obesity Weight Loss

The identification of both known and novel gene associations with body mass index (BMI) offers a deeper understanding of the biology of obesity, as well as potential biomarkers and treatment targets. Researchers from the Department of Biomedical Informatics have uncovered new insights into gene expressions associated with body mass index by tapping into a multiethnic … Read more

Melatonin Sleep Aid May Reduce Self-Harm in Young People With Anxiety and Depression

Melatonin Sleep Aid May Reduce Self-Harm in Young People With Anxiety and Depression

An observational study from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet indicates that medical sleep treatment with melatonin may lower self-harm rates among young people with anxiety and depression. The research, published in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, found that the risk of self-harm increased before melatonin prescriptions and decreased afterward, particularly in girls. Medical sleep treatment … Read more