How Sloths Master the Art of Survival in Changing Climate

Sloth on Ground

Researchers in Costa Rica used micro data loggers to observe the activity patterns of two sloth species, revealing their adaptive behavioral strategies and cathemeral activity patterns, unaffected by daily temperature changes. The study emphasizes the importance of understanding sloth ecology for effective conservation efforts in the face of climate change and human activities. A pioneering … Read more

Gene Therapy Breakthrough in Treatment of Age-Related Hearing Loss

Ear Hearing Concept

A recent breakthrough by a research team from Mass Eye and Ear, part of Mass General Brigham, demonstrated successful application of adeno-associated virus vectors in aged mice models with a mutation similar to the TMPRSS3 human gene, which causes progressive hearing loss. Their study points to the potential of virally mediated gene therapies for treating … Read more

Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain’s “Internal Compass”

Abstract Brain Technology Illustration

Scientists have developed a deeper understanding of the brain’s “internal compass” by observing neural activity in mice navigating a disorienting virtual environment, using advanced brain imaging techniques. Recent research sheds light on how the brain processes and interprets dynamic environmental signals. New understandings have been gleaned by scientists about the region of the brain responsible … Read more

Microbes Discovered in the Alps and Arctic That Can Digest Plastic at Low Temperatures

Bacteria Microbes Cold Concept

Swiss scientists have discovered cold-adapted microbes capable of breaking down biodegradable plastics at 15°C, which could pave the way for more cost-effective and environmentally friendly plastic recycling. Biodegradation of plastic at low temperatures can save money and energy. Researchers have discovered microbial strains in the high altitudes of the Alps and in the polar regions … Read more

Special Mediterranean Keto Diet Could Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Bad Neuron Dementia Brain Decay

A new study conducted by scientists at Wake Forest University School of Medicine indicates that a Mediterranean-based ketogenic diet, rich in healthy fats and protein with low carbohydrates, could lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers found that this diet led to significant changes in the gut microbiome and in a biological pathway related … Read more

NASA Pursues Next-Generation Lunar Terrain Vehicle

NASA Next-Generation Lunar Terrain Vehicle

Artist’s concept of NASA’s next-generation Lunar Terrain Vehicle on the surface of the Moon. Credit: NASA NASA seeks industry proposals for a Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) to enhance astronaut exploration and scientific research during Artemis missions on the Moon’s south polar region. The LTV, functioning as a manned and unmanned rover, must handle the unique … Read more

Slowly Vanishing – Over 50% of the World’s Largest Lakes Are Losing Water

Slowly Vanishing – Over 50% of the World’s Largest Lakes Are Losing Water

Looking northeast, the Imperial Valley and Salton Sea in southern California is photographed from the Earth-orbiting Gemini-5 spacecraft. Credit: NASA. The decline is being driven by a combination of factors, including climate change, excessive human consumption, and sedimentation. A revolutionary evaluation recently published in the journal Science reveals that over half of the world’s biggest … Read more