Even Mild COVID-19 Can Have Long-Term Detrimental Effects on Heart Health

COVID 19 Omicron Mutation

A recent study has found that even mild cases of COVID-19 can have lasting negative effects on cardiovascular health. A groundbreaking study conducted a comparison of arterial stiffness between participants before and after contracting COVID-19. New research indicates that even mild instances of COVID-19 can lead to lasting harm to cardiovascular health. The study is … Read more

Scientists Discover Two Striking New Species of Carnivorous Plants

Scientists Discover Two Striking New Species of Carnivorous Plants

Photograph of Pinguicula ombrophila sp. nov. Credit: Álvaro J. Pérez A group of botanists from Ecuador, Germany, and the United States have identified two new distinct species of carnivorous plants notable for their striking appearance. These species are a part of the butterworts family (known scientifically as the genus Pinguicula), a group of insectivorous flowering … Read more

DNA Reveals a New Twist in Human Origin Story

DNA Human Origins

A study published in the journal Nature has proposed a new model for human evolution, asserting that modern Homo sapiens stemmed from multiple genetically diverse populations across Africa rather than a single ancestral population. This conclusion was reached after researchers analyzed genetic data from present-day African populations, including 44 newly sequenced genomes from the Nama … Read more

MIT’s New Tool for Accurately Simulating Complex Systems

Accurately Simulating Complex Systems

A new technique eliminates a source of bias in a popular simulation method, which could enable scientists to create new algorithms that are more accurate and boost the performance of applications and networks. Credit: Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT The system they developed eliminates a source of bias in simulations, leading to improved algorithms that can boost the … Read more

Experts Recommend a Six-Teaspoon Limit of “Free” Sugars

Pile of Sugar

An umbrella review of 73 meta-analyses examining sugar consumption and health outcomes found significant harmful associations between dietary sugar intake and a variety of diseases, including obesity, heart disease, and certain cancers, although the evidence quality was often low. As a result, the researchers recommend reducing free sugar consumption to less than 25 g/day (around … Read more

Physicists Tune In to the Cosmic Ring of Black Holes

Physicists Tune In to the Cosmic Ring of Black Holes

Caltech-led studies propose new, stringent tests for Einstein’s general theory of relativity, seeking signs of quantum gravity in the ripples of spacetime generated by black hole collisions. One study presents an equation for black hole behavior within quantum gravity theories, building on previous work, while the second suggests a method for applying this equation to … Read more

Unstable X-ray Emissions Shake Foundations of Particle Acceleration Theory

Unstable X-ray Emissions Shake Foundations of Particle Acceleration Theory

In a groundbreaking study published in Nature Astronomy, a team of researchers led by Eileen Meyer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, has challenged the prevailing theories about x-ray emissions from black hole jets. Artist’s concept illustration of a supermassive black hole emitting an x-ray jet. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Contradicting long-standing theories, a recent study … Read more

COVID-19’s Ripple Effect: The Youth Suicide Surge

Sad Depressed Teen Boy

A new study supported by the National Institute of Mental Health has revealed an increase in suicide rates among young people during the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent study found that suicide rates among US youth aged 5-24 years increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly among males, preteens, young adults, and specific racial and ethnic groups. … Read more

Mapping the Hidden World of Plant Roots

Testing Plant Roots

UC San Diego and Stanford scientists studied maize (corn) plant roots and their metabolites—molecules involved in the plant’s energy production—under different settings, including a control condition (left) and treated with aconitate (center) and succinate (right). Credit: Dickinson Lab, UC San Diego Researchers have leveraged high-tech imaging originally designed for cancer research to gain fresh insights … Read more