Save $35 and get Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months

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It was a dark and stormy night. I picked up my Kindle and marveled at having saved $35. (Photo: Amazon)

I love to read, and I’m a big fan of dedicated e-readers like the Amazon Kindle. Sure, I can just as easily enjoy e-books on my phone and tablet, but they’re full of distractions. It’s hard to focus on a novel when things like text messages and TikTok are clamoring for my attention.

Want distraction-free reading for yourself (or gift it to someone else)? For a limited time, the Amazon Kindle is just $55, the lowest price to date. In fact, that’s actually $5 below the Black Friday sale price. And it comes with a 3-month Kindle Unlimited subscription, a $30 value. (More on th at below.) Note, however, that the black model shows “in stock soon,” meaning you can still get your order in but it could take 1-2 weeks to arrive. The white one is in stock now.

$55 $90 at Amazon

This is Amazon’s ad-supported Kindle, meaning you’ll see ads — mostly for books — on the lockscreen (and nowhere else). Want my two cents? Big deal: One swipe and you’re past that screen. And it’s what’s past that screen that matters.

If you’ve never owned a Kindle before, the device is notable for its paper-like display, outdoor readability and weeks of battery life. All these amenities make it vastly superior to a phone or tablet, both of which can cause eyestrain (to say nothing of sleep disruption owing to blue-light emissions).

The Kindle can also play audiobooks; just pair your Bluetooth headphones or speaker if you prefer to listen than read.

As for Kindle Unlimited, it’s a library of books, audiobooks and magazines you can access not just on your Kindle, but also your other devices (phone, tablet, PC, etc.). I can’t say the book selection is particularly great, and you’re limited to just three magazine subscriptions — but, hey, you’ve got three months to enjoy what’s there.

After that, make sure to cancel (unless you wish to continue), otherwise you’ll automatically get billed $10 per month.

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Happy reading!

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