Samsung’s first 8TB SSD for mainstream PCs is the 870 QVO

Samsung's first 8TB SSD for mainstream PCs is the 870 QVO

You’ll have to keep waiting for pricing. The 1TB, 2TB and 4TB models are available today at respective prices of $130, $250 and $500, but the 8TB version doesn’t arrive until August and doesn’t yet have a price. The pricing model suggests it may cost closer to $1,000. That wouldn’t be outlandish for what you’re getting, although it’s definitely not a trivial purchase.

There’s one main issue: the competition isn’t standing still. Sabrent recently introduced

an 8TB SSD of its own, and that’s a PCIe drive with much faster transfer speeds. It costs a hefty $1,500, but the premium might not be that much of a deterrent if you can justify an 8TB SSD in the first place. Samsung’s offering is more for that subset of enthusiasts (and certain pros) who can afford a capacious drive but still need to keep their costs vaguely in check.

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