Russian TV report helps Ukraine troops in Luhansk Oblast destroy artillery piece the enemy used to blow up Pavlohrad bridge

The Armed Forces destroyed the occupiers' equipment due to a

The Armed Forces destroyed the occupiers’ equipment due to a

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According to Haidai, a television report by Russian propagandists “helped” to adjust the fire of Ukrainian defenders.

“The punishment came instantly,” Haidai said.

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“The guardsmen destroyed the enemy military hardware that blew up the Pavlohrad bridge and shelled Sievierodonetsk. Thanks to Russian propagandists for the tip. They boasted, and now they have (nothing to boast about).”

The governor added that the bridge would be rebuilt and “thanked” the propagandists for “adjusting our fire.”

In turn, Ukraine’s General Staff reported on Facebook that the artillerymen of the National Guard had brilliantly and professionally destroyed the 2S4 Tyulpan 240 mm self-propelled heavy mortar of the invaders.

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“Fire adjusters of the Ukrainian artillery ‘targeted’ enemy military equipment after watching a Russian television report about (the position from) where the self-propelled artillery vehicle was hitting the bridge. Thank you. Keep it up!” the General Staff said.

On May 21, Haidai said that the Russians had destroyed a bridge between the towns of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk.

Nevertheless, there are still connections between the towns, he said.