Royals’ 7-6 loss to the Twins may have been a breaking point for Kansas City fans

If the Major League Baseball season was a mile run, the Kansas City Royals would have completed just one lap at this point.

So it’s fairly early, but at this point in the season it doesn’t appear the Royals have the legs to catch the contenders, especially after falling on their collective faces Sunday in a 7-6 loss to the Minnesota Twins.

Thanks to a terrific outing from starter Brady Singer, the Royals led 6-0 through seven innings.

But the bullpen allowed five runs in the eighth inning and two in the ninth, and the Royals lost to the AL Central-leading Twins.

Three stats highlight how terrible the loss was for the Royals.

Royals Stats noted the team had been 128-0 in games when leading by exactly six runs after seven innings at home.

Research by Kurtis Seaboldt of WHB (810 AM) found MLB teams that “got exactly seven scoreless innings from their starter and scored at least six runs were 1,437-4 all-time.

“It’s now 1,437-5.”

The Star’s Jesse Newell, citing Statcast’s Win Probability chart, noted the Twins had a 0.5% chance of winning in the bottom of the seventh inning at Kauffman Stadium.

The Royals’ terrible Sunday carried over to the social media team, which had to read the responses from frustrated fans to the message about the loss.

Here is a sample of what fans were saying on Reddit and Twitter about the Royals, who are now tied for the worst record in the American League.

“Was out in my yard doing a bunch of work (mulching, etc.) saw that the score was 6-0 and was feeling pretty good,” one fan wrote on Reddit. ”Finished up and checked my phone and the very first thing that I saw was an alert that the Twins won 7-6. WTF man.”

Another wrote: “The rebuild is in serious jeopardy.”

To which a fan wrote: “Rebuild? I suppose when you hit rock freaking bottom everything looks like a rebuild. But these guys still have shovels in their hands.”

“I also want to add I feel sorry for some people,” a Reddit user wrote. “I feel sorry for the fans, sorry for every Royals HOFer, every single World Series winner with this franchise, for Zack Greinke returning to such a mess of a franchise for what probably will be his final year of his career. Also feel sorry for those players that already showed us they are willing and able to win games.”

Another Reddit user wrote: “Anyone paying anything for this team (MLBTV or tickets) should demand a refund. If they’re stuck with tickets make sure whomever you sucker to go has a paper bag over your head. Fans need to protest or go on strike. Empty stadium with only opposing fans and royals fans too ashamed to show their faces might actually shame them into doing something. Clearly the shame of being this bad isn’t enough.”

“Man I feel like I’ve been patient with this team, but today pushed me over the edge,” a Reddit user wrote. “Burn the front office to the ground. Start from scratch. This team should not be this bad…..”

Another wrote: “This is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me”