Riot Announces Valorant Oceania Tour for 2021

Riot Announces Valorant Oceania Tour for 2021

Riot Games have been working hard to slowly build a competitive ecosystem for Valorant and have been hopeful about seeing the tactical FPS title reach similar heights as Riot’s MMORPG League of Legends.

Recently, the company made a huge announcement in terms of the global competitive standing of Valorant. A comparatively new addition to the roster of eSports, the game soon developed a loyal player base.

Its popularity, although among a niche audience, has been rather unfaltering. In addition to this, Riot Games have been pushing hard to build a global competitive circuit for the game.

This year brings great news for competitors, players, and fans of the game from Oceania. Riot Games has announced a Valorant Oceania tour this year.

Oceanic esports tournament organizer and broadcasting media company LetsPlay.Live (LPL) will be official partners for this major event.

For the first time, VALORANT players in the Oceanic region will be able to compete for an opportunity to play at the international level. The tournament, beginning February, will run in three stages – Stage 01, Stage 02, and Stage 03.

“Each stage will end with a Regional Finals which in turn will culminate in the Oceania Championship. Each stage offers a $10,000 AUD prize pool for the top 8 teams, and the Championship an additional $20,000 AUD prize pool.

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The Valorant Oceania tour kicks off this month, so suit up!

The event will kick off with the Stage 01 Open Qualifier. These qualifier matches will be taking place from the 10th to the 14th of this month. Players can find more information on registration, eligibility, and the tournament at this link.

Players who qualify in this 2021 Oceania tour will have crossed the first hurdle before the combined NA + OCE Last Chance Qualifier. This will offer competitors the opportunity to qualify for the VALORANT Global Championship event.

Both Riot Games and LetsPlay.Live are really hopeful about the opportunities this event will provide to Oceania-based players. LPL’s founder and Managing Director, Duane Mutu, says, “To be kicking off the year partnering with Riot Games to bring Oceania official Valorant pathways is phenomenal.

“LPL are excited to be offering an international avenue for our region’s players in 2021 and to be showcasing teams through broadcast for fans of VALORANT worldwide.

Chris Greeley, Director of Esports at Riot Games, had this to say about the future of the game: “2021 promises to be a groundbreaking year for VALORANT esports, and we’re tremendously excited to kick off global play.”

Finally, this is a dream come true for many fans, a major step towards the Global Valorant Championship that they have been waiting for since the beginning. It remains to be seen whether Valorant manages to reach the global stature of League of Legends or not.

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