Reports Suggest Batman: Gotham Knights Might Release in Summer 2021

While Epic Games’ Fortnite was having its fun with Marvel, Warner Bros. Montreal announced a Batman game this August. The upcoming Batman title, Gotham Knights, is based on the comic book of the same name and will release sometime in 2021. However, inspired by WBs theatrics, Warner Bros. Montreal likes to keep it suspenseful.

As fans eagerly wait for the studio to launch the game, it has been constantly dropping information for the upcoming game. In a similar move, the studio recently posted a photo from its official Twitter account. The photo was to wish their fans happy Holidays. However, they just might have included a hint pointing towards the release date of the game.

Fans jumped at the opportunity to look for any hints as soon as they came across the photo. They believe that Gotham Knights could release sometime next summer, possibly in July.

Batman: Gotham Knights might be planned for a Friday release on July 16, 2021

The photo from the tweet has a nice holiday theme with Christmas lights, presents, and decorations. However, right in the middle of the photo is a poster advertisement for a circus. Moreover, the poster has dates for when the circus will be in town in Gotham. The dates say Tuesday, July 16-Sunday, July 21.

Although the dates do not match up to the 2021 calendar since July 16-21 is Friday-Wednesday instead, fans still believe that this could be the information they were waiting for. Moreover, since July 16 is a Friday, it makes perfect sense to release the game so that fans could enjoy it over the weekend.

There is also a high possibility that this photo could just be a season’s greetings from the Gotham Knights’ team. However, this is the only information fans have to hold on to right now. With no official statement from Warner Bros. Montreal, fans are hoping to see their favorite DC Comics superhero in a game.

Past gameplay reveal for Gotham Knights revealed a lot of interesting information. After going through these fans hope this is going to be the best superhero game released in a while. Most certainly, they expect it to be better than Marvel’s Avengers game. Let’s find out next summer!

This post was last modified on December 26, 2020 9:32 pm