Release date, leaks and more

Pokemon Unite players have just begun experiencing the game, but are already looking forward to additional content.

There are plenty of Pokemon to choose from so far in Pokemon Unite, but of course, some fan favorites are missing. The game will have updates in the future, including new characters.

With Venusaur and Charizard in Pokemon Unite to start, only one original starter’s evolutionary line is missing. Blastoise has already been confirmed for the game, but when is it coming?

Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

As of now, there is no set release date for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite. We know Blastoise and Gardevoir are the next Pokemon to join the roster, but their release date is still a mystery.

The only details given on when they will arrive in Pokemon Unite is that it “will be soon.” This could mean a couple of weeks or even a couple of months after release so no one truly knows.

The game is free to play and Blastoise will probably not be a part of any paid downloadable content. However, players may need to use a Unite License to unlock the Pokemon. That may cost money if they don’t have one readily available.

So far, movesets and the like have not been revealed. One can assume Blastoise will have some familiar moves in Pokemon Unite like Hydro Pump, Withdraw, and maybe even Skull Bash.

From the Pokemon Unite beta, a ton of skins were leaked for all of the Pokemon. 26 costumes were brought into the spotlight, with some currently being in the game, proving the leaks as reliable.

Take a look at the artwork above. This is the skin coming for Blastoise and is drawn by an incredible artist. It is very dapper, but has left fans a bit disappointed because they expected more.

There have been plenty of calls for a Squirtle Squad alternate look. Of course, Squirtle would get the sunglasses, giving way to evolved forms Wartotle and Blastoise to receive them as well.

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