Prosecutor in Daunte Wright case will do ‘everything I can to get a conviction’

Prosecutor in Daunte Wright case will do ‘everything I can to get a conviction’

The prosecutor whose office brought charges against the Minnesota cop who shot and killed Daunte Wright said he’s willing to do “everything I can to get a conviction.”

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput made the comments in an interview with the Daily Mail after protesters marched near his Stillwater, Minnesota, home on Saturday, demanding cop Kim Potter face murder charges for killing 20-year-old Wright during a traffic stop.

“I’d just ask, have faith in me as a prosecutor. I’m not giving anything away,” Orput said in the interview, which was video recorded by the news outlet.

“I’m not trying to say, well she’s a cop, I’m going to give her a break. I’m saying I’ll present the evidence like I have in the 350 jury trials I’ve done in my career and I’m going to ask the jury to do the right thing,” he added.

“And I think the right thing is to convict her of second-degree manslaughter,” Orput said.

Potter was arrested and charged with 2nd degree manslaughter for shooting Wright on April 11 in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis.

Demonstrators protesting the shooting death of Daunte Wright pause in front of the FBI offices during a march from the Brooklyn Center police station on April 13, 2021 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.
Demonstrators protesting the shooting death of Daunte Wright have called for police officer Kim Potter to face murder charges.
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Potter shouted “Taser! Taser! Taser!” before shooting him once in the torso with a live round of ammunition. Police have said the veteran cop meant to fire her Taser and accidentally pulled her firearm.

In the interview, Orput said he was convinced the charges are acceptable for the shooting.

Officer Kim Potter, part of the Brooklyn Center Police negotiation team
Police have said officer Kim Porter meant to fire her Taser, but accidentally pulled her firearm.
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“Everybody’s entitled to due process. Adolf Hitler is entitled to due process. Everybody is. And I welcome it. I don’t see that as a challenge,” he said.

“Because I believe the woman I’m prosecuting committed second degree manslaughter. If I thought she’d committed more, I’d bring the charges,” Orput added.

“But I can only bring the charges that the evidence supports. And if that doesn’t assuage the public, then I’m sorry it doesn’t.”

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