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President calls for death penalty in LA police shooting as he announces order to reduce drug prices

President calls for death penalty in LA police shooting as he announces order to reduce drug prices
Donald Trump addresses the crowd at Minden-Tahoe airport in Nevada (AFP via Getty Images)

Donald Trump has called for the death penalty against a suspect captured on surveillance footage shooting two sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles as the president campaigns in Nevada for a second day.

The president also announced a measure he says will lower prescription drug costs, though details were not immediately clear.

He has again publicly mused on the possibilty of serving more than two terms as president during a combative campaign rally in Minden, Nevada on Saturday night, the first of two rallies in the state as his campaign seeks to capture the crucial battleground state.

The president suggested on Saturday that “based on the way we were treated, we’re probably entitled to another four” during an address in which he announced his intention to be “vicious” toward his election opponents, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Thousands of people, few wearing face masks, packed into Minden-Tahoe airport, near Reno, on Saturday. 

On Sunday, the president will hold his first indoor rally since his June event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, facing renewed scrutiny over his failure to warn Americans about the lethal dangers of the coronavirus pandemic and its airborne transmission, recently uncovered interviews with journalist Bob Woodward revealed.

His West Coast tour will also visit California on Monday amid scenes of devastation caused by wildfires.

During a Latinos For Trump roundtable event on Sunday, the president once again blamed “forest management” for the fires that have scorched the West Coast.

Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley pushed back against the president’s statements and argued that the climate crisis, not whether forest floors are rake, has accelerated the emergency.

“The president has said it’s all about raking the forest,” Mr Merkley said in an interview with ABC News on Sunday. “It’s just … a big and devastating lie.”

Meanwhile a message to supporters from the campaign for re-electing Trump, who has said he did not want to create “panic” by downplaying coronavirus concerns, spread a baseless and dangerous claim that “antifa” would “attack your homes” if his rival is elected.

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