President Biden Urges States To Use COVID-19 Government Funding To Offer $100 To Everyone Who Gets Vaccinated

Roommates, President Joe Biden held a recent press conference at the White House and urged both state and local governments to use previously distributed federal funding to give $100 to all residents who get fully vaccinated.

President Biden further explained that his decision was based on beating the COVID-19 virus by any means. “If incentives help us beat the virus, I believe we should use them. We all benefit if we get more people vaccinated,” he said.

He continued in his speech, adding:

“Throughout America’s vaccination ef forts, we have seen that financial incentives serve as a motivating factor for some people to get vaccinated. When the grocery store Kroger started offering $100 to their associates to get vaccinated, it saw vaccination rates increase from 50% to 75%. States like New Mexico, Ohio, and Colorado have piloted $100 incentive programs that have also helped move the dial on vaccinations.”

The Biden administration also revealed its hopes that the $100 incentives be paid for with the $350 billion in aid granted to all state, local, territorial and tribal governments under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Elsewhere, President’s Biden and mask stance also extends to government employees. He is now urging all federal government employees and onsite contractors to be fully vaccinated.

However, those who are not vaccinated will have to continue to wear a mask, socially distance themselves from others and comply with weekly testing requirements. The mandate applies to about 4 million federal employees.

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