Popular Sports to Bet On After Coronavirus

Popular Sports to Bet On After Coronavirus

Betting on sports is an activity that has been popular for centuries. Of course, the systems and processes have changed over the years. However, the basics remain the same. People bet on the sports and teams that they love, hoping that they will win some money.

The sports on which bets have been placed have certainly changed over the years, as modern sport has taken over. Sports betting has also changed, and advanced, thanks to technology, as reported here. The sports betting scene has changed again this year, as live sport has been interrupted as a result of the coronavirus crisis. So, which sports are bettors putting their money on now and what will they bet on after coronavirus?

Popular sports for betting prior to coronavirus

Prior to the global pandemic which has taken hold of the world this year, there were several sports which were popular with bettors internationally.

  • American football has been the biggest draw for sports betting recently. The Super Bowl attracts tens of billions of dollars in wagers.
  • Soccer is by far the most popular sport for betting outside of the US, under normal circumstances.
  • Horse racing is hugely popular with people who bet in person. There is something special about spending time at a racetrack. Of course, tracks in most countries are now closed to spectators as a result of the pandemic, although racing is taking place again.

The rise of esports betting in 2020

Esports was always going to be fairly big news in 2020 anyway, but it’s become huge as a result of the pandemic. There has been a massive increase in wagers on esports since they started in 2010. Back then wagers only totalled about $100 a week.

Now, as a result of coronavirus, many people are lining up to bet on esports. This is the case, even as the overall sports betting market has declined due to the lack of live sport available. The positive impact on esports betting has been so big that revenue for the activity is expected to be $14 billion worldwide by the end of 2020. This is the case even though live sport is now returning.

What will happen after the pandemic?

Given the rise in popularity of betting on esports, it’s likely that people will continue betting in this area even as other sports return.

This is especially the case as crowds may have to stay away from sports stadiums for a while yet. In fact, experts in the US have been predicting that esports are likely to line up third, behind American Football and basketball, in betting popularity in the country in the long-term.

This may not be the case in other countries, like the UK, where the most popular sports to bet on are likely to return to being soccer and horse racing now that both sports have returned. So, the answer to the question about which sports will be popular to bet on after coronavirus may depend on where you are in the world.

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