Pokémon Go’s Community Day features Pokémon Turtwig and Torterra’s unusual move

Next month, Community Day is coming for Pokémon Go fans. The date has been out and it is on Sunday, September 15. There will be lucrative offers for the people who want to delve into the Pokémon world. The special Pokémon for this time community day will be shiny Turtwig. Turtwig Pokémon was introduced in generation 4.

On reaching level 18, it evolves into Grotle and then further into Torterra. On evolving into Torterra on Community day, you will get a special move which is usually not there

Turtwig is one of the starter Pokémon along with Chimchar and Piplup in three starter Pokémon of Sinnoh region. These three Pokémon are available at the beginning of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

It looks like a tortoise or a turtle with four legs. It is mostly yellow and its shell is brown. As a being of grass-type, Turtwig Pokémon feeds itself on photosynthesis and releases oxygen as it has a plant-like springing from his head. It drinks water to keep itself healthy.

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What is lucrative in Community day? As Turtwig is a starter Pokémon, players rarely get a wild Turtle, but throughout the community day, it will be very easy to get a wild turtle so try to get as much as you can get and stock them.

What is more exciting than getting a shiny Turtwig? Yeah, you will also get a chance to get a shiny Turtwig if you can collect a lot of wild turtles. On top of this, each Pokémon you catch, you are going to get the triple amount of stardust on Community Day.

Community Day runs for three hours and it will be held from 11 AM to 2 PM according to the local time zone in every country. Mark your calendars and be sure to attend the event. However, earlier two monthly community events took place around 4-7PM time-span.