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Pokémon Go’s Community Day features Pokémon Turtwig and Torterra’s unusual move

Michael Leahy



Pokémon Turtwig and Torterra

Next month, Community Day is coming for Pokémon Go fans. The date has been out and it is on Sunday, September 15. There will be lucrative offers for the people who want to delve into the Pokémon world. The special Pokémon for this time community day will be shiny Turtwig. Turtwig Pokémon was introduced in generation 4.

On reaching level 18, it evolves into Grotle and then further into Torterra. On evolving into Torterra on Community day, you will get a special move which is usually not there

Turtwig is one of the starter Pokémon along with Chimchar and Piplup in three starter Pokémon of Sinnoh region. These three Pokémon are available at the beginning of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

It looks like a tortoise or a turtle with four legs. It is mostly yellow and its shell is brown. As a being of grass-type, Turtwig Pokémon feeds itself on photosynthesis and releases oxygen as it has a plant-like springing from his head. It drinks water to keep itself healthy.

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What is lucrative in Community day? As Turtwig is a starter Pokémon, players rarely get a wild Turtle, but throughout the community day, it will be very easy to get a wild turtle so try to get as much as you can get and stock them.

What is more exciting than getting a shiny Turtwig? Yeah, you will also get a chance to get a shiny Turtwig if you can collect a lot of wild turtles. On top of this, each Pokémon you catch, you are going to get the triple amount of stardust on Community Day.

Community Day runs for three hours and it will be held from 11 AM to 2 PM according to the local time zone in every country. Mark your calendars and be sure to attend the event. However, earlier two monthly community events took place around 4-7PM time-span.

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Stormy Daniels receives $450,000 as a settlement over false arrest at the strip club

Michael Leahy



Stormy Daniels settlement

Porn star Stormy Daniels receives $450,000 for settling her lawsuit against Ohio’s Columbus city associated with her arrest during an ongoing performance in a strip club previous year.

This settlement comes in after Columbus police charged Daniels for misdemeanor sex offense of touching three patrons illegally at the Sirens Gentleman’s Club. However, the charges against Daniels was withdrawn hours later, said the police.

The no-touching law in the state didn’t apply for Daniel as she wasn’t a regular performer at that strip club. As per the law, any employee who appears semi-nude/nude regularly at a sexually-inclined business isn’t allowed to touch patrons. However, the law permits such employees to touch the family members.

Daniels filed a lawsuit against several vice officers of the Columbus police department, claiming a violation of civil rights. The suit alleged that Daniels was targeted by undercover vice officers who arrested her to protect President Donald Trump. She initially sought the sum of $2mn in damages.

Daniels has previously explained about her sexual encounter with Trump before the 2016 presidential election. She accused that the vice officers entered a conspiracy to put her behind bars in retaliation of busting Trump’s affair with her. Months before the arrest, Daniels was paid $130,000 as hush money to stay mum about the scandal.

On Friday, Daniels’ attorney Chase Mallory said that she agreed for $450,000 although she could have received a higher amount. Daniels dropped the suit after the accountable police officials were disciplined by the city for her arrest.

A Columbus city attorney spokesman said that the jury arrived at $450,000 settlement during mediation.

Daniels said that she would utilize the amount for clearing her legal bills as well as to begin a stand-up comedian career.

Neither Stormy Daniels nor her attorney has not disclosed other details about what changes the police would really institute.

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Delta Air Lines upholds pit bull ban on its flight; lifts 8-hour limit for ESAs

Michael Leahy



pit bull ban

Delta Air Lines is sustaining a rule which it had imposed just previous year: a ban on pit bulls.

As per a company’s rule enacted in 2018, pit bulls aren’t allowed to travel on any Delta flights. The airline says that it is upholding this rule due to a major rise in onboard incidents of an animal attack.

In a media release, Delta said that pit bulls account for under 5% of the total dog population, however, 37.5% of brutal dog attacks. In 2018 alone, over 40 cases involving vicious animal behavior onboard a Delta flight were reported, said the airline.

Given this data, Delta says that it’s still to determine how to maintain the safety of passengers near pit bulls.

In a 2017 case, a Delta passenger was allegedly mauled very badly by another passenger’s lab pointer mix dog. The man, who was bleeding badly after the attack, had to be taken out of the airplane, as per a report. The dreadful incident led to one negligence lawsuit being filed against Delta as well as the dog owner.

As per the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, a US airline can refuse transport of an animal when it poses a threat to the safety and health of others. However, it cannot bar an entire dog breed, like the pit bulls.

Delta currently is working with DOT to come up with a solution which satisfies the owners of pit bull and airlines’ safety needs. Thus, the company will uphold the mandate until it figures a solution to this.

Meanwhile, Delta also announced about plans to revoke its 8-hour flight limit for the emotional support animals (ESAs). The previous rule restricted passengers to fly with ESAs on flights ranging more than 8 eight hours.

Notably, the rules on ESAs vary between different airlines. Several airlines, including Delta, just accept dogs, cats as well as miniature horses more than the age of four months as emotional support animals.

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Texas executes Robert Sparks after brutal killing of his stepsons, wife

Michael Leahy



texas robert sparks

On Wednesday, 45-year-old Robert Sparks, a Texas inmate who raped his 2 stepdaughters after stabbing his wife and 2 stepsons, was executed.

The US apex court turned down Sparks’ request to halt the execution just moments before he passed away by a fatal injected.

Sparks received the injection at the state penitentiary located in Huntsville for a September 2007 attack in his Dallas home.

He began the attack by stabbing his 30-year-old wife Chare Agnew eighteen times while she was sleeping. He then stabbed his 2 stepsons, before raping his 2 stepdaughters. Sparks then called up the police for confessing his crime, showed the court records.

He traveled to Austin for some days and returned back to Dallas where the police arrested him. Upon his arrest, Sparks told the police that he committed the crime as he believed his wife was poisoning him.

Robert Sparks provided hair, fingernail and blood samples to test and determine if he was being poisoned. However, the investigators couldn’t find a proper lab which could conduct such kind of test, as per the court papers.

The court documents said that Sparks was diagnosed with delusion psychotic as well as schizoaffective disorder. He claimed that a voice within him told to kill them.

Sparks’ claimed that he was intellectually disabled and therefore shouldn’t receive a death penalty, reports Texas Tribune.  The killer made several efforts to prevent the execution. This includes him claiming that a bailiff influenced his courtroom jury by sporting a tie with a syringe printed on it. However, all of his efforts were suspended by the court.

Sparks becomes the 16th prison inmate to get executed in the US and the 7th in Texas.

Texas has so far executed more inmates in contrast to any other US nation since the apex court reinstated the death penalty back in 1976.

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