People Are Unaware About The Risk Of Cannabis Edibles, It’s Not Safe!

Cannabis Edibles
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Doctors in Canada argue that “Cannabis Edibles” are not as safe as we think. They argue that consistent users have too many misconceptions about weed edibles. Actually, just after the first intake of weed edibles, users find it good for themselves. 

In October 2018, Canada has fully legalized the use of cannabis. Even the cannabis edibles were made legal as well. Meanwhile, Illinois, U.S has become the 11th state to legalize cannabis. 

But just because cannabis is legalized in most of the U.S states, doesn’t mean it’s completely harmless. As still due to its usage people are heading towards the emergency room because of anxiety and vomiting. 

Edible Cannabis symptoms are not Life Threatening but definitely be distressing 

Lawrence Loh, a clinician, and public health researcher told that edible cannabis causes the potential harm. As the body acts differently with edible cannabis or when the drug is smoked or vaped. 

We cannot say the symptoms of edible cannabis life-threatening but it is actually distressing. It’s distressing when people coming down to the doctors for anxiety issues, racing hearts, and even psychosis. 

The other concern regarding edible cannabis is its consumption by children or pets. Loh said, children, resemble it with the non-cannabis treats like gummies or brownies. 

Loh’s suggestion

According to LOH and his co-authors, people believe that these edibles are risk-free. They think of them as a wonder that it helps to boost mood, lowers anxiety or helps with better sleep.

Loh suggested that now doctors must start asking people regarding their cannabis use history. The way they asked about our history of smoking or drinking. And then counsel people about its risk and to take it carefully keeping it away from the kids or pets. 

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