Pennsylvania woman Nancy Shedleski dismembers husband’s body to falsely collect income

A Pennsylvania woman dismembered her dead husband’s body in 2015 to falsely collect $121,000 of his Social Security benefits — and then moved to Las Vegas, prosecutors allege.

Nancy Shedleski, 69, threw her husband’s late remains in the trash in order to steal his retirement income, according to a complaint filed in federal court last week. She allegedly moved to Nevada two years after he died.

Authorities became wise to the grift after receiving an anonymous tip in 2019 that her husband had disappeared, officials said.

Shedleski initially said her spouse was traveling, but later confessed to her grisly body disposal under further examination, the complaint said.

“Shedleski confirmed there was no ambulance, no hospitalization, no funeral, no burial and no cremation,” it read.

A Pennsylvania woman dismembered her dead husband’s body to falsely collect $121,000.
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Shedleski would have received $14,000 in survivor benefits in 2019 if she had reported her husband’s death. Her benefits were bumped up to $24,000 amid the sick scheme, according to the complaint.

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