NYC hospitals administer 1 millionth COVID-19 vaccination

The city’s public hospital system administered its 1 millionth COVID-19 dose Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced.

“The hospitals and clinics of health and hospitals have been stellar in addressing this crisis,” said de Blasio during his daily press briefing

“This has been Health and Hospitals’ finest hour, unquestionably, in their whole history.”

NYC Health and Hospitals’ milestone 1 millionth COVID-19 dose was administered at Coney Island Hospital, where a 12-year-old daughter of a hospital employee received a shot in her left arm during de Blasio’s virtual press conference.

“It is great to see the 1 millionth dose given by Health and Hospitals, and to remember that not so long ago, we were just hoping and praying we would have a vaccine,” said the mayor.

In all, 9,046,573 vaccine doses have been injected into the arms of New York City residents, the mayor said Wednesday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
“This has been health and hospitals’ finest hour,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office

Meanwhile, de Blasio announced that vaccinations would be available at home beginning Wednesday for all New York City residents, after they were first made an option only for seniors. The city’s door-to-door vaccination effort has reached more than 15,000 people, de Blasio said

“We’re expanding in-home vaccination for anyone who wants one,” he said. “For folks who are ready, but for whom it’s a challenge to get to a vaccination site, or they haven’t been sure, that life-saving vaccine is now available right at your doorstep.”

COVID-19 vaccines in trays
New York City is expanding in-home vaccination where people can a COVID-19 shot without leaving their house.
Jeenah Moon/REUTERS

New Yorkers looking to get a vaccine from the comfort of their homes can now sign up for a COVID-19 shot on the city’s website, the mayor said.