Nicki Minaj changes the Twitter name to Petty suggesting she’s married

Nicki Minaj has already changed her Twitter name to Mrs.Petty as her to be husbands name is Kenneth Petty. The relationship of the couple has raised questions ever since they declared about their wedding. Nicki Miraj is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and model by profession. On the other hand, her boyfriend has a disturbing past.

Disturbing past of the celebrity’s to be husband

Petty hails from Queens, New York. Since an early age, he started indulging in various crimes. In the year 1994, Petty was charged for attempted rape of a 16-year-old. Due to such an activity, he lived in jail for the next four years.

The Justice Department of the United States of America feared that he might commit the crime once again. His jail visits don’t end here. Petty was sentenced to seven years in jail for slaughtering a man to death.

Nicki Minaj who is a well-known public figure has continuously defended her to be husband. Once she also Tweeted saying Petty was just 16 when he committed the attempted rape on his girlfriend. She doesn’t really care what the world thinks about him.

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It is also reported that the couple started dating in their early teens. Petty has a tattoo on his neck dedicated to his girlfriend. Several reports claim that their relationship isn’t new at all. Minaj had relationships with Safaree Samuels, Meek Mills, and Nas.

On the other hand, her boyfriend is reported that he is a father to five children. The names of their mother are unknown.

The former American Idol judge reported that the couple received a marriage license. She also added that she is the happiest person on earth now. Nicki received what she tried to achieve for years. Her husband’s profession is unknown as he is not active on social media platforms.