Nick Foles contract breakdown: Here’s how much money the journeyman QB has made in the NFL

Nick Foles is just one example of how quarterback money doesn’t function like regular money.

A third-round pick out of Arizona in 2012, Foles wasn’t meant to be a star, and he hasn’t turned into one. But in the modern NFL, being a competent quarterback and finding a way to a Super Bowl ring can be a very lucrative path. It certainly has been for Foles, who could earn $100 million from NFL teams if he keeps his career chugging for a few more years.

The entire details of Foles’ newest contract with the Chicago Bears haven’t been entirely reported on yet, but there’s enough information out there to frame Foles’ current contract within the scope of NFL QB contracts. Foles’ biggest thanks should go to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have paid him about 40 percent of his career earnings despite Foles only suiting up for four games with the Jags.

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Nick Foles net worth

Counting what Foles will make by completing the 2020 season with the Chicago Bears, he will have made $74,433,635 in his NFL career. 

Foles began his NFL career with the Eagles, where he made less than $1 million for three seasons before he was traded to the then-St. Louis Rams. The Rams signed Foles to an extension which included a $3 million signing bonus and a total of $8 million in roster bonuses that were all guaranteed. Guaranteeing that money backfired a bit for the Rams, since Foles was cut before the 2016 season began. 

The Chiefs signed Foles to a one-year contract for 2016 which paid him a total of $1.75 million. Then he returned to the Eagles in 2017 for a two-year contract that was expected to pay him $11 million between base salary and signing/roster bonuses. Foles earned an additional $5 million in 2018 thanks to incentives, the specifics of which aren’t clear.

On March 14, 2019, the Jacksonville Jaguars signed Foles to a big deal. The initial reported terms were four years and $88 million. Foles was knocked out with an injury in the first game he played for Jacksonville and essentially lost his job to Gardner Minshew, though. Foles’ deal with Jacksonville included a 2019 base salary for $5 million and a signing bonus of $25 million. So for playing four games with the Jaguars, Foles ended up making a little over $30 million in 2019, or $7.5 million per game played.

Foles was traded to the Chicago Bears ahead of the 2020 season, and the Bears restructured the contract Foles had signed with the Jags. Foles is due a $4 million base salary and $8 million signing bonus in the 2020 season with Chicago to bring his total NFL earnings to nearly $75 million.

Nick Foles career earnings by year

Data via Sportrac.

Year Team Total Earnings
2012 Eagles $933,250
2013 Eagles $520,000
2014 Eagles $635,000
2015 Rams $6,069,952
2016 Rams $6,000,000
2016 Chiefs $1,750,000
2017 Eagles $4,025,433
2018 Eagles $12,000,000
2019 Jaguars $30,500,000
2020 Bears $12,000,000

Nick Foles contract with Bears

  • Years: 3
  • Total value: $24 million
  • Max value: $42 million
  • Guaranteed: $17 million
  • Average per year: $8 million (No. 26 among quarterbacks)

When Foles was traded to Chicago, the Bears sought to restructure his contract from the big deal he’d signed with the Jaguars. The restructured contract can last up to three years and is due to pay Foles up to $24 million in base salary and bonuses ($17 million guaranteed). Foles is set to earn $4 million in base salary for each of the three seasons of his deal.

In addition to the $4 million base salary, Foles has been paid an $8 million signing bonus for the 2020 season, helping him to earn $12 million in his first season with the Bears.

Foles’ 2021 base salary is also fully guaranteed, and $1 million of his 2022 base salary is guaranteed, according to the Chicago Tribune. Foles’ contract also includes a potential $4 million roster bonus for the 2022 season. The Chicago Tribune also writes, “Foles can earn an additional $6 million annually for reaching playing-time thresholds combined with factors such as passer rating, postseason appearances and awards such as Pro Bowl, All-Pro, MVP and Super Bowl MVP.”

If Foles reaches none of his incentives but remains on Chicago’s roster through 2022, the Bears will pay him a combined $12 million in the 2021 and 2022 seasons.