New leaks reveal another Fortnite x Walking Dead collaboration underway in Season 7

After the first Walking Dead collaboration earlier in Fortnite history, many fans felt like Epic Games didn’t incorporate enough content from the show to make it feel genuine. However, recent leaks on social media have hinted at a possible second addition to Fortnite that will include more characters and other features.

The in-game files contain information leading up to more Walking Dead items in Fortnite for a while, according to HYPEX on Twitter. The last mash-up between the two companies inspired several cosmetics as well as creative game modes, so the next event should bring out good content.

Fortnite’s Season 8 will kick off with a major crossover

Last December, Fortnite saw a zombie invasion spread throughout the game with the Walking Dead collaboration that most fans loved to the core. The cinematic trailer and skins it came with connected both worlds with a smooth transition.

Despite its success, the previous Walking Dead crossover felt empty in areas such as the story and a complete array of characters. This could be a sign that Epic Games isn’t done with the popular zombie TV show and has plans to fill in the gaps where the first era left off.

A glider is already being worked on, hopefully laying the foundation for other cosmetics to come. As with most crossovers, Fortnite is sure to bring in new skins for Walking Dead characters players haven’t seen yet.

Daryl and Michonne led the charge last year for the first crossover with Fortnite, so other main characters that haven’t had a chance to make an appearance in the game could shine through. Epic Games has a major opportunity to extend the Walking Dead storyline through their Battle Royale game as long as they capitalize on the right areas.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see what Epic Games will bring out next with Season 8’s launch around a month from now, after previous success in collaboration events. Season 7 is hitting its final weeks with some fiery content, and more leaks are sure to follow in the meantime as late August approaches.