New anti-cheat system bans 1,674,772 accounts this week

PUBG Mobile by Tencent has been a trendsetting game for quite some time. The battle royale title, launched in 2018, was an instant hit. It generated an average of $7.4 million a day in player spending in 2020, a result that no one could have predicted.

Tencent also supports the enthusiastic community by organizing events, partnering with big brands, and developing its esports structure. The company yesterday announced that the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 (PMGC 2021) would have a prize pool of $6 million, which is the second-largest prize pool in the history of mobile esports.

Despite the game’s increasing popularity, a few individuals have attempted to gain unfair advantages using third-party programs.

This has been countered by the developers’ inclusion of an anti-cheat system to automatically prevent cheaters from playing the game.

The PUBG Mobile team publishes a weekly report to educate the public on the different types of cheats employed and how many banned accounts there were.

The PUBG  Mobile anti-cheating report is dated July 16th to July 22nd
The PUBG Mobile anti-cheating report is dated July 16th to July 22nd

In the past week, i.e., from July 16th to July 22nd, the officials banned 1,674,772 accounts permanently, an increase of 200 percent from last week.

PUBG Mobile accounts barred in different tiers by percentage

  • 2% of Conqueror tier accounts
  • 15% of Ace tier accounts
  • 22% of Crown tier accounts
  • 20% of Diamond tier accounts
  • 12% of Platinum tier account
  • 7% of Gold tier accounts
  • 6% of Silver tier accounts
  • 16% of Bronze tier accounts

The top three tiers accounted for 39% of banned accounts, showing a new type of hack being used. The game developers have cleaned up cracks through their regular updates, which has resulted in cheaters getting banned.

Types of cheats used

  • There were 12% of cheaters banned for the usage of auto-aim hacks that improved aiming while shooting.
  • Approximately 11% of cheaters used the X-Ray Vision hack to view their opponents through cover and walls.
  • The movement advantage that speed hacks provided was unfairly used by 17% of the cheaters to gain an edge over their opponents.
  • The usage of modification of area damage hacks caused the suspension of 14% of hackers.
  • A total of 22% of the hackers were suspended for modifying the character model.
  • 24% got banned for reasons that officials didn’t state.