Netflix Decides to Release ‘Agent King’ based on Elvis Presley

Netflix Decides to Release 'Agent King' based on Elvis Presley
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Netflix has announced to release a series based on the Elvis Presley. The announcement was made on the 42nd death anniversary of Elvis. According to Netflix, the series will be an adult animated comedy series titled as “Agent King”. The Animated movie will be based on the “Elvis and Nixon” which was seen on the Amazon prime in 2016.

Elvis was amongst one of the famous singers of time time. He was also known as the king of rock and roll. As a young boy, Elvis had always dreamed of being a superhero fighting crime and save the world. Netflix series have decided to turn Elvis’ dream into reality.

According to Sander “Elvis already was a secret agent in his mind and he loved acting so overall this series is a great idea.”

About The ‘Agent King’ Series

The series will be co-created by the Presley and Eddie. Both of them will produce it with Authentic Brands Groups Jamie Salter. Fletcher Moules will be the director and co-executive producer of the series. Along with Fletcher, Marc Rosen and Corey Salter will also be the co-executive producer.

Mike Arnold will be the showrunner, writer and executive producer of the series. And John Varvatos will design the entire wardrobe of Elvis in the series. John Varvatos along with the Jerry Schilling will serve as a consulting producer on the series.

In the series, Elvis would be the part of the government’s secret spy program where he protects the country he loves.

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According to Smithsonian magazine, the series will feature some rest life moments of Elvis’ life. Like, the moment when Elvis decides that he wants a badge from the Federal Bureau Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. As the Narc Badge will give him ultimate power.

With this idea, Elvis wrote a letter to President Richard Nixon. In the letter, Elvis wrote that he wants to help the country. He added that he would love to meet him too. After writing the letter Elvis left it outside White House. And after some time President Richard Nixon invited Elvis to meet.

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