‘Natural’ baby company recalls 10,000 sippy cups over lead contamination

The “all-natural” baby product company Green Sprouts is recalling 10,500 of its signature sippy cups after finding lead in them.

The cups, commonly sold in Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond, and on Amazon’s baby section, have a bottom base that can break off, exposing children to a solder dot, a lead-based metal used in welding to adhere metallic surfaces together.

“Had we known that a component containing lead in these products could become accessible, we wouldn’t have put them on the market,” the company said in a Twitter statement. “We are undertaking the costs and challenges of a recall voluntarily because our customers’ health and safety must come first.”

Green Sprouts said that part of the product containing lead had not been tested “because it is inaccessible under normal use.”

Green Sprouts sippy cups
Green Spouts is headquartered in North Carolina, but its sippy cups are made in china.
US Consumer Product Safety Commi

The company advertises itself on its website as having “holistic foundations” and says it is inspired by “the traditional Japanese approach to health and well-being.”

US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall last week, adding that “consumers should immediately take the recalled stainless steel bottles and cups away from children and discard the bottles and cups.”

The company announced that it received seven complaints of the bottom base breaking off and exposing children to lead, although it reported no injuries as a result.

Purchasers are entitled to a full refund or a store credit at the purchase location.

Green Spouts is headquartered in North Carolina, but its sippy cups are made in China.

As part of its recall statement, the company said, “We are constantly learning & growing, & hope that you will continue to share in this process with us.”

Green Sprouts has not replied to The Post’s request for comment.