MTA CEO says his kids ride train where Daniel Enriquez was shot

The MTA’s top boss expressed every parent’s fear Monday when he revealed his children ride the subway line that saw an unprovoked shooting over the weekend that left a Goldman Sachs employee dead. 

“The train involved in this shooting, the Q, is one I’ve ridden for 25 years. It’s a train that my kids use regularly and frequently. They’re all in college now, but they come home midnight, 1 a.m., coming back from Manhattan. It’s always felt safe,” MTA CEO Janno Lieber said during a committee meeting as he held up a wanted poster for the suspect who shot and killed Daniel Enriquez. 

“For so many New Yorkers the transit system is the only way to get around and to live their normal lives. You can’t do that if you’re scared to get up and go to brunch, that most New York of activities, on a Sunday morning for fear of being attacked.”

Daniel Enriquez was the victim who was shot and killed during an unprovoked attack on a northbound Q train.
Daniel Enriquez was shot and killed in an unprovoked attack on a northbound Q train.

Enriquez, 48, was headed to brunch on a northbound Q train around 11:42 a.m. Sunday when an unknown suspect, who’d been pacing in the train car, suddenly pulled out a gun and fired at the straphanger at close range as the subway crossed the Manhattan Bridge. 

Once the train pulled into the Canal Street station, train operator Luis Irizarry tried to revive Enriquez but he could not be saved. He was pronounced dead shortly after at Bellevue Hospital. 

Cops are looking to speak with a 25-year-old Brooklyn man who is considered a person of interest in the slaying, law enforcement sources said. 

NYPDDetectives need your help identifying & locating this man who is wanted for homicide in the tragic, senseless shooting of a man on a “Q” train that was approaching the Canal/Centre St. station on Sunday.
Cops are looking to speak with a 25-year-old Brooklyn man who is considered a person of interest in the slaying.

In the meantime, they’ve released surveillance footage of the apparent suspect and have asked the public to report any information they may have.  

“Do what the police department says. There’s somebody who knows this person from his clothing, from his pattern,” Lieber said. 

“If you know anything about this person who appears to have committed this terrible crime, help the police and help New York get back to normal.”

Canal street person shot
Daniel Enriquez was headed to brunch when an unknown suspect suddenly pulled out a gun and fired.
Michael Dalton

Lieber called the Q line “iconic” for its spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and called the slaying “an incredible setback” in the Big Apple’s effort to get back to normal. 

“Last week we celebrated record ridership on the MTA system,” Lieber said. 

“And in fact, before yesterday we were starting to see stats indicating that even subway crime was headed in the right direction. This is all before yesterday’s senseless shooting.”