Mophie Juice Pack Access review

Mophie Juice Pack Access review

The world is a drastically different place than it used to be just a few decades ago. The recent technological transformation around the globe has changed the rules of how we live forever. Innovation and digital adaption are what really drive economies today while our everyday existence is almost unimaginable without gadgets. We got used to technology so much that smartphones and their incredibly advanced features do not surprise us even a bit anymore.

Mobile phones are some of the most popular means of digital technology used to utilize all the benefits the modern-day living has to offer. From banking apps to social media and online conferences, everything can be done using these small, convenient gadgets. Apple with its famous iPhone and smartphones from countless brands running on Android are two niches of the industry that have been competing for over a decade now.

iPhone does have a problem and we all are aware of it

All the factors aside, the biggest flaw of the iPhone which often reminds itself to customers and enthusiasts is battery life. From the very beginning of the smartphone competition era, iPhones had been criticized for having unreasonably short battery life. Some other competing brands, notably Samsung, have even promoted their products using this major drawback of Apple. Some of the leading new models of iPhone, such as 11 pro max come with better battery life for which Apple took the credit. However, despite the immense evolution of this phone and its popularity, the issue remains present in the majority of Apple’s phones. Your iPhone might die in the middle of a train ride or right at the moment, you need to use Apple pay.

Fortunately, the solution has arrived! Charging cases have been a thing for only a few years now. However, the technology is developing fast and charging cases gradually becoming safer, more convenient, and powerful. Nevertheless, they have come under heavy criticism from customers claiming that they do not actually add much to battery life while contributing to the overheat.

The thing is that comments and reviews made about issues of overheating and the lack of power were oftentimes made by a particular group of individuals. People that use their iPhone for heavy gaming, intensive photography, videography or editing will most certainly face issues with any phone and any charging case.

However, it seems that with the development of additional app design patterns and app background code in general, everything is becoming a real resource hog on our smartphones. Every app developer wants to make the next best app of our generation and usually does not consider just how many phones can run this app for a long time. Especially considering how many people have old and outdated smartphones.

This was especially the case with mobile gamers. But not just gamers, but gamblers as well. A mobile game is expected to be a battery drainer, but a browser-based game? Not so much. It has been a long-awaited accessory for most gamblers enjoying their games on the go to finally feel like they can go more than an hour without having their phones die on them. Plus, don’t forget that once you’re done with doing one thing on the phone, it should still have enough power to do something else as well.

On the other hand, reasonable users have said that charging cases are efficient and helpful. Online casinos have been on the rise for the past few years. Anyone can play these mobile casino games that are entertaining and convenient from home. Some of them are rather demanding in terms of hardware they run on. Gamblers that use iPhones with charging cases tend to make positive reviews about their experiences. In this article, we have decided to review one of the best charging cases out there.

Mophie Juice Pack Access: a great alternative to overpriced charging cases

Incredibly powerful, slim, convenient, and well-designed – Mophie Juice Pack Access might just be everything you have ever wanted. its streamlined look will make your iPhone even more appealing. These specific models are made for some of the newest iPhones, such as iPhone Xs and iPhone X. It completely covers the back and the sides of the phone, yet, leaving the space for speakers and jacks. It allows users to charge the phone, listen to music, or even take calls at the same time while having the charging case attached to it.

This is an impressive, slick case that comes with the cool design but let’s address the elephant in the room. The case is equipped with a whopping 2,000m Ah juice pack air battery, one of the most powerful on the market. It allows the phone to work for the total time of up to 25 hours! This is absolutely unprecedented for Apple’s flagship phone.

If you are not much of an active user but prefer listening to music, the case can easily support you for roughly 76 hours of non-stop tune on your iPhone. It also has an estimated 25 hours of talk time, 15 hours of intense web browsing, and around 17 hours of video playback.

The case is made of strong, durable materials that add to the benefit of extended battery life. A solid polycarbonate exterior dissipates physical impacts, protecting the case, as well as the phone itself from bumps and scratches. This most certainly is a useful feature considering that the majority of us drop our phones rather often while physical integrity has been one of the significant problems with iPhones.

Yet, despite the strength and the solid body of the case, its design is absolutely compact and pleasant to look at. It comes with the company’s signature soft-touch cover which is easy to hold and even nice to touch. Mophie says that the cover makes you ‘forget’ that there is a powerful battery built into this thin and beautiful design.

Moreover, the case offers two modes of charging. The first is a rather traditional USB-C charging method which can easily be used with the case. The cable comes with the product and is well-made and durable. There has not been any complaint about the use of USB-C charging with this case.

The other one is much more exciting – Wireless charging. The case can be charged through any wireless charging pad. The wireless technology featured in this case is rather advanced and offers the latest. However, the speed of wireless charging is not the highest out there. There has been much criticism about this matter online. Many customers were let down by the performance of wireless charging. Yet, many believe that the current state of wireless charging is not good value for money as it is still in the active phase of development.

Importantly, the charging case features priority + mode. This is quite useful, yet is often being ignored or overshadowed by other characteristics of this product. The priority + mode ensures that when charging with the case on, the iPhone battery gets the energy first. The case starts taking power only after the iPhone is fully charged. This is a great protective measure, making the use of the case even safer.

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  • Juice pack for Samsung Galaxy S8 pack gets hot when using it to charge phone or charging the pack with the phone charger so I had to charge the phone every day to prevent using the pack. After about one year the pack on/off button did not line up with the phone on/off button due to the pack battery swelling up. Removed the phone from the pack now I only have to charge the phone every third day instead of every day. The pack must have been draining the phone battery. I will never buy or recommend Mophie products