Monument Valley studio Ustwo just launched a new game on Facebook

While we’re waiting for the eventual release of Monument Valley 3, developer Ustwo has just launched another surprise: a cyberpunk climbing game called Go Go Bots. Perhaps the biggest surprise, though, is that the new game is exclusive to Facebook.

Go Go Bots is available today through Facebook’s Instant Games platform, which means it’s playable inside the Facebook app and through Facebook’s gaming tab, without any extra downloads. (You can check it out now at this link.) Facebook says that the company worked on the game alongside Ustwo to flesh out the social elements. As for the game itself, Go Go Bots

lets players choose from five adorable robot characters, while competing with others to navigate climbing courses in the fastest time. There are both solo and multiplayer modes.

While Ustwo is best known for the success of the Monument Valley series, the developer has been known to experiment with other platforms as well. That includes the VR puzzle game Land’s End and, more recently, Apple Arcade launch title Assemble With Care, which has since been ported to Steam.