Mondo’s new collection celebrates The Iron Giant with enamel pins, T-shirt

Mondo’s new collection celebrates The Iron Giant with enamel pins, T-shirt

The Iron Giant, Warner Bros. Animation’s beloved movie about a boy and his robot friend, is getting a new capsule collection at Mondo. Alamo Drafthouse’s arm for T-shirts, original art, and other collectibles will release five Iron Giant-themed products on Tuesday — four enamel pins and a T-shirt. Report Door has an exclusive first look at the new collection.

The pins and T-shirt join Mondo’s existing The Iron Giant collection, which currently includes hand-glazed ceramic Tiki mugs and a soft vinyl figure of the gentle robot, as well as a limited-edition vinyl copy of the film’s score.

In the first installment of her Beloved Animated Failures column, Report Door’s Petrana Radulovic celebrated The Iron Gi ant

, which was a box office flop but found a devoted home video audience. She writes:

After the positive press for The Iron Giant — and the many critical observations about the blatant lack of marketing — Warner Media sought to rectify its error, and the company mounted a much more significant campaign for the home-video release of The Iron Giant, bringing it to a wider audience. The film thrived on home release. Warner also sold the TV rights to Cartoon Network and TNT, which played the movie frequently during holidays, making it a staple of family-friendly home entertainment in the early 2000s. It’s considered a certified cult classic at this point. And with good reason: the movie is a treasure.

Mondo’s capsule collection will be available to purchase starting at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 30. The enamel pins will cost $10 each, while the T-shirt will cost $25. Check them all out in the gallery below.

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