Miro Reveals the Truth about His In-ring Retirement

Miro Reveals the Truth about His In-ring Retirement

Rusev dawned a new name and demeanor as AEW’s Miro. The previously grumpy “Bulgarian Brute” is a completely different human being now. This version of his character interacts with fans on a daily basis and gives out various scoops about his life and career.

Recently, he revealed if he’s retiring from the in-ring action anytime soon!

Rusev/Miro reveals his retirement plans

In his latest Q&A session, Miro addressed his retirement rumors. He flat out denied any rumors of going out of business.

“I never said I retired!” he exclaimed. “I would never retire. I would never say that. I’m in my mid-thirties man. Like… I can’t retire! This is something that I really love.

“You can imagine when you are sixty years old or whatever your dream is… I get to live my dream. I can not retire from my dream. As much as I have dealt with all the crap stuff, they never take the love for wrestling outside of me. They just can’t. It doesn’t matter… no one could.

He further reiterated his love for wrestling when he said, “When I retire it would be when my body can’t handle it anymore. It’s not because I don’t love wrestling. I will always love wrestling, man.”

He ended the “retirement talk” by saying, “no retirement. We are full in. I’m extremely motivated.”

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In April, WWE fired Rusev due to Pandemic related budget cuts. Soon after that, he revealed he was COVID-19 positive.

There was a rumor during July, that the former United States Champion quietly retired from in-ring competition. Despite the rumors, Rusev continued his video streams on Twitch and YouTube. Then, he shocked the world when he debuted on AEW as “the best man” Miro.

After his debut, Miro had nothing but praise for his new company. After almost a decade with WWE, Rusev is looking forward to his new grounds and rightfully so.

AEW has a reputation for uplifting former WWE talents (like Moxley, Brodie Lee, Jericho, Cody). Hopefully, we will get to see Miro holding an AEW title soon.

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