Microsoft’s foldable, dual-screen Surface might use a liquid-powered hinge mechanism

Microsoft Surface Pro Foldable
Image Credit: Microsoft

Patent leaks and rumors associated with Microsoft’s dual-screen, foldable Surface pro gadget have been around since last year. In fact, a rumor had suggested a 2020 launch of Microsoft’s foldable Surface device compatible with Android app. However, such a device still remains to be revealed or announced.

With Microsoft expected to launch new Surface models at its 2 October event, it is unsurprising that a new leak has surfaced.

A patent, discovered by, German website WindowsUnited, suggests that the tech firm could use fluid-powered hinge mechanism in its rumored foldable Surface gadgets. The patent reveals that Microsoft is likely developing a dual-display Surface model having a flexible display as well as a hinge filled with semi-viscous fluid.

According to The Verge, this fluid should help foldable devices bend into varied positions with ease and reduce tension on displays.

Unlike previous leaks, this new patent really explains this fluid-powered hinged gadget in a lot of detail. The illustrations showcase Microsoft’s different hinge assembly concepts. Additionally, the patent shows that Microsoft technology licensing filed it.

This appears to be a sign that the company may license this technology to other gadget manufacturers. If true, then this will possibly help mainstream consumers get an array of options once they own such a gadget.

The technologies explained in patents does not always get implemented in devices. But, earlier Microsoft patents did describe innovations which really landed in the Surface lineup.

It’s unclear if Microsoft will use the new hinge design in the Centaurus laptop, which is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. In fact, we may not really see it on any foldable devices till next year, looking at the timing.

Nevertheless, even if the company decides on merging the tech with its multitasking buttons, alongside other creative designs, then it may be worth waiting for.

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