Massive tuna bags $3.1 million bucks at Japan New Year Auction

The Japan based self proclaimed “Tuna King” named Kiyoshi Kimura, who is also the owner of a sushi restaurant recently paid up $3.1 million to acquire a gigantic bluefin tuna during the auction for New Year at the Tokyo Toyosu Fish Market on Saturday.

Kimura’s latest purchase was double of the previously set record 155 Million Yen. This record was established during the New Year Auction 2013. The fish tipped at the scales with 612 pounds. Kimura is the president at Sushi-Zanmai which is a sushi restaurant. He mentioned that the price pitched for the tuna was startling but that didn’t dissuade him from being at the top of the record.

He further added that he expected this tuna to go at max 60 Million Yen but turns out it was sold at a price which was 5 times higher. This gigantic bluefin tuna got hunted down near the northern prefecture of Japan’s Aomori.

Kimura also mentioned that the tuna looked very tasty given the fact that it was fat & fresh kill. It was a pretty good tuna. However, the restaurant-chain owner later said that he paid a bit too much for the tuna.