Mass General gets $1 Million pledge to fight Coronavirus

In a move to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, a philanthropist and executive for the hedge fund on Monday mentioned that he would match up the donations to $1 million for the Massachusetts General Hospital.

This pledge was taken by Paloma Partners’ Chief Investment Officer and Founder, Donald Sussman, will evidently benefit the Emergency Fund for the hospital in Boston that was established back in the year 2013 to tackle the repercussions of the bombing that happened during the marathon in Boston.

In his statement, Sussman mentioned that everyone from nurses to doctors that work together to help the COVID-19 patients or the scientists working on the development of therapies and tests need access to philanthropy at the given moment.

The collected fund, as of now, is being used for the purchase of protective equipment and enhancement of the telemedicine capabilities. This will help the frontline workers provide the needed care while ensuring there is no viral exposure. This will also help subsidize the costs for child care for the essential employees at the hospital.

Dr. Peter Slavin, the President at Massachusetts General Hospital, mentioned that this generous gift by Donald Sussman would help increase the overall capacity while expanding the vital research for eradication of COVID-19.